Attention Medicaid providers: Announcing Superior's DME Supplier

Date: 06/01/17

Please note, this article has been updated as of October 20, 2017. Please refer to Updates Regarding Superior's Preferred DME Supplier for more information.

Effective October 1, 2017, Superior HealthPlan will use Medline as the preferred provider for Durable Medical Equipment (DME) for the supplies referenced in the link below for STAR, STAR Health, STAR+PLUS and CHIP members. 

Superior members may choose to fill their medical prescription with another DME supplier in the Superior network.

Medline is the largest privately held manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies in the country. Medline offers more than 350,000 products, making them uniquely situated to meet member needs. By choosing Medline, providers will eliminate authorization paperwork and be able to fill a prescription for DME supplies directly through Medline. Most importantly, members will receive their DME supplies in a timely manner. Superior believes that moving to a high quality, focused network will improve the experience of our members who receive the DME supplies below.

Provider many transfer members who receive DME supplies from another provider over to Medline prior to October 1, which can help them get their supplies faster.

When ordering through Medline, all orders for DME supplies referenced in the link below must be submitted to Medline via fax or phone. The supplies listed below will not require prior authorization. Please include the prescription with the order. If an order is received without an Rx, Medline will pre-populate the order form and send it to the provider for approval and signature. Providers will not need to keep a form on file to place orders with Medline.

Note: All requests that exceed the basic Medicaid benefit for DME supplies require authorization even when using Medline. Supplies on the Medline list will require prior authorization if not supplied by Medline. DME supplies not included in the list below (ex. wheelchairs, beds, oxygen, etc.) will continue to follow the existing ordering process.

List of DME supplies available through Medline without a prior authorization.

  • Fax Number: 1-866-604-4471
  • Phone Number: 1-800-717-4805

Superior will notify any members affected by this change.

Please note: Superior members may choose to fill their medical prescription with another DME supplier in the Superior network. Members may opt out of using Medline for any reason by completing the DME Preferred Provider Opt-Out form. The form will indicate the supplier the member wishes to use. The form can be submitted to Superior by the supplier that will order member’s supplies or the medical supply provider of their choice. Opt-out forms should be faxed to 1-844-755-9363.

For questions regarding this change, please reference the Preferred DME Supplier (Medline) FAQ or contact Provider Services at 1-877-391-5921.

Thank you for being our partner in care.