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DME Rental to Purchase Conversion

Date: 08/09/19

As a reminder, all Durable Medical Equipment (DME) items (HCPC codes) on the Texas Medicaid Fee Schedule that are eligible for rental will be converted to be eligible for purchase instead. Superior is implementing this change for Medicaid (STAR, STAR Health, STAR Kids and STAR+PLUS) and STAR+PLUS Medicare-Medicaid Plan (MMP). Items that have an initial rental option will be switched to a purchase option when the purchase price has been reached, or will be reached, during the current authorization period.

For example, the CPAP E0601 rental price per month is $85.58, and the purchase price is $1,112.52. This item will convert to a purchase option at the 13-month authorization timeframe, unless previously requested as a purchase at an earlier date.

For DME rental items that are eligible for purchase, please refer to the Texas Medicaid Fee Schedule.

For any questions, please contact Superior’s Medical Management department at 1-800-218-7508.