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Due April 1, 2020: Program Providers and FMSAs Must Select an EVV Vendor or EVV Proprietary System

Date: 03/09/20

By April 1, 2020, program providers and financial management services agencies (FMSAs) subject to 21st Century Cures Act Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) requirements must select an EVV vendor or elect to use their own EVV proprietary system and submit the appropriate form to begin the onboarding process.

Program providers and FMSAs impacted by the Cures Act who do not select an EVV vendor or choose to use an EVV proprietary system by April 1, 2020 will have an EVV vendor assigned by Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHS).

Cures Act Requirements

Program providers and FMSAs can confirm if they are subject to the Cures Act EVV requirements on pages 1-2 of Programs, Services and Service Delivery Options Required to Use EVV (PDF).

Selecting an EVV Vendor

Approved EVV vendor systems are available at no cost to program providers and FMSAs.

1. Visit the TMHP EVV Vendors webpage for contact and website information for each vendor or attend EVV Vendor Demonstration Webinars and Roadshows in March.

2. Review Module 16 of the HHSC EVV Tool Kit: Cures Act EVV Expansion – EVV Vendor Selection and Onboarding.

3. Review and complete the EVV Provider Onboarding Form. The form is located on the selected vendor’s website.

Choosing to Use an EVV Proprietary System

Program providers and FMSAs who want to develop or purchase their own EVV system must:

1. Visit the TMHP EVV Proprietary Systems webpage to review all requirements for using an EVV proprietary system and the onboarding process.

2. Submit the EVV Proprietary System Request Form to TMHP. You can find the form on the TMHP EVV Proprietary Systems webpage.

Preparing for the July 1, 2020 EVV Milestone

Beginning July 1, 2020, program providers and FMSAs impacted by the Cures Act who have selected an EVV vendor system should begin clocking in and clocking out for EVV visits. This is a practice period for program providers and FMSAs to familiarize themselves and their staff with using the EVV vendor system. The practice period can begin earlier once the EVV vendor onboarding process is complete.

Program providers and FMSAs can refer to the TMHP 21st Century Cures Act webpage for detailed information and instructions to meet upcoming EVV milestones.

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