Asthma Symposium Resources

Superior HealthPlan's Asthma Symposiums were presented by pediatric and adult asthma specialists. These events took place on November 3, 2018 in Harlingen (co-sponsored by Valley Baptist Medical Center) and December 1, 2018 in El Paso (co-hosted by The Texas Department of State Health Services). These events were held to help to ensure providers have the tools they need to deliver accurate and helpful information to members.

Asthma is the most prevalent, time-consuming and resource-intensive chronic disease in  childhood and one of the most common diseases in adults. Despite comprehensive guidelines for care established more than a decade ago, many patients do not receive care that meets quality standards and controls their symptoms. The primary care setting is the front line in the diagnosis and treatment of mild to moderate asthma, with or without underlying pulmonary or atopic disease.

During the symposium, providers gained insight on:

  • Guidelines and Evidence-Based Asthma Care in Pediatrics
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Asthma in Adults
  • Asthma and Allergy Diagnosis and Management
  • Quality Project: URIs in the Emergency Department