Vision Care

It is very important that your child gets his/her vision checked at least once a year. A vision provider can find a problem early and correct it. Superior members can receive:

  • Routine eye exams
  • Glasses
  • Contact lenses (if medically necessary)

Make a Vision Appointment

AECC Total Vision Health Plan of Texas, Inc. (TVHP) is Superior’s vision provider. TVHP has been providing vision services in Texas for over 10 years with many vision providers to choose from across the state.

Your child does not need a referral from his/her Primary Care Provider to see an eye doctor. All you have to do is call TVHP. They can help you find an eye doctor that is right for your child. Call them! They are ready to help!

Please Remember: Vision services are part of the Texas Health Steps program. The Texas Health Steps program provides regular medical, dental and vision checkups. Every child enrolled in STAR, STAR+PLUS, or STAR Health must have their Texas Health Steps exams when they are due.