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3 in 30 Assessments for Foster Care Patients

Date: 05/28/24

As a reminder, Superior HealthPlan continues to help remove barriers and provide quality health care for both mental and physical health needs through the STAR Health program. A part of this is ensuring 3 in 30 actions are met. 3 in 30 is a collaborative effort between the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), Texas Health and Human Services Commission and Superior.

3 in 30 combines three separate, yet critical, tools for assessing the medical, behavioral, and developmental strengths and needs of children and youth in foster care, when entering DFPS conservatorship.

Please review the details for each of the assessments for 3 in 30:

  • 3-Day Medical Exam: The child’s caseworker will indicate if the member requires the 3-Day exam.
  • Texas Child and Adolescence Needs and Strengths 2.0 (CANS) Assessment: Required within 30 days of enrollment in STAR Health.
  • Texas Health Steps Medical Check-Up: Required within 30 days of enrollment in STAR Health.

The three assessments chart the path for ensuring Superior STAR Health members get the care and services they need at the time they enter foster care.

Please Note: Due to changes in how the 3-Day exam is operationalized, Superior has discontinued the 3 in 30 incentive that was previously available for providers as of August 31, 2023.

As a reminder, providers and pharmacies that serve STAR Health members are contractually required to provide services when the DFPS Form 2085-B, Designation of Medical Consenter form is provided, regardless of whether a member has an insurance card.

To learn more about STAR Health, please register for an upcoming STAR Health provider educational webinar by visiting Superior's Provider Training webpage.

For additional information and resources, please reference the 3 in 30 section of Superior’s Foster Care Resources webpage.

If you have questions about 3 in 30 or the STAR Health program, please contact your Account Manager. To access their contact information visit Find My Account Manager.