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Superior in the Community

Superior HealthPlan is committed to putting members first, wherever they are. By staying engaged and active across the state, we can fulfill our purpose of transforming the health of Texas communities, one person at a time. Click on the links below to learn more.

Superior Hygiene Closet

Hygiene Closets: New in 2020, Superior teamed up with 6 organizations – in Abilene, Belton, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Lubbock and Raymondville – that support the disability community. Superior provided $70,000 in grants to fund hygiene closets. These hygiene closets have many items. This includes personal protective equipment (PPE), toiletries, laundry baskets and detergents. 

UT Clinic

Mobile Health Events: Superior grew its partnership with UT Health San Antonio to support its mobile health clinic. Operated by The School of Nursing, the clinic brings health care to Prospera Housing Community Services properties and other parts of the San Antonio area. This helps members get checkups and vaccines without visiting a doctor’s office.

Superior Moves Class

Superior Moves: Superior has a senior program called A Matter of Balance. This program helps lower fear of falling. It also helps increase activity. In the program, participants learn to view falls and fear of falling as controllable. They can also set goals to increase activity. The program also helps them learn how to lower fall risk factors and exercise to build strength.

Family & Parent Engagement: Superior has partnered with schools and Head Start programs for many years. This partnership provides sponsorships for parent and family engagement activities. This includes trainings, health fairs and other fun events.

Sensory Friendly MoviesSuperior has been helping provide activities for children with special needs and their families since 2019. This includes sensory friendly movies. These are provided in an auditorium with brightened light levels, lower sound volume and room for guest movement.

Mobile Food Pantry: Superior has supported the San Antonio Food Bank’s Mobile Mercado since 2017. We are now helping to bring the mobile food pantry to low-income neighborhoods in the San Antonio area. By providing vouchers to Superior members, we can expand access to healthier foods for the whole family. 

Affordable Housing: A pilot program with Prospera Housing Community Services has helped meet the needs of Superior members. By working with Prospera Service Managers – who are on site at Prospera properties – Superior can identify the needs of members more quickly. We can also make sure they’re getting access to food, transportation and home modifications to improve their quality of life.


Superior’s Community Investment Report provides a broad overview of its work to support Texans where they live, work and play. In 2023, this included support for the following:

  • Hygiene Closets. Since 2020, Superior has provided nearly $550,000 to launch and support community hygiene closets, stocked with personal protective equipment, toiletries, laundry baskets and detergents. In 2023, Superior donated $134,000 to support 22 closets in Texas.
  • Inclusive Events. Throughout 2023, Superior worked with local movie theaters to offer sensory-friendly movies for families affected by autism and sensory processing disorders. Since 2018, Superior has donated more than $70,000 to provide these movies to attendees at no cost.
  • United Way. Over the past 9 years, Superior employees have pledged $2 million to Texas chapters of United Way, including nearly $200,000 in 2023. The annual giving campaign has supported multiple community initiatives that help Texans in need.

Read Superior HealthPlan’s community investment report to learn more.