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Upcoming Events

Due to Covid-19 some event dates have changed and some events have been cancelled for the first quarter of 2021. The most current information is listed below. Please reach out to our Community Relations team at 1-806-632-1677 or email us at for questions about member events. Please review the schedules below.

Superior Member Events

Superior hosts events across the state to help provide information and resources to Texans. Baby showers, health fairs and back-to-school events are just a few of the many events we host all year.

For more information about member events in your area, click here to find Superior events near you. 

Texas Medicaid Events

In addition to Superior sponsored events, here are some other events that are hosted by Texas Medicaid across the State of Texas. Superior HealthPlan tries to attend some of the events, if scheduling permits. 

Click here to find out what other events are happening in your area.