Just the Facts

As a statewide leader in managed care, Superior HealthPlan wants to make sure you know the facts about the important programs we offer. Click on the questions below to learn about the role managed care organizations (MCOs) have in providing healthcare to people in Texas.

With 2 million members, Superior puts members first. Here are just a few of their stories:

As a senior in high school, Mitch had three wishes, all of which were dependent on the right wheelchair. With the ongoing support of Superior, all three of his wishes came true

When Autumn was 20, she lost her mother to breast cancer, and years later received the same news her mother did. Yet, with early detection and the support of Superior, Autumn beat breast cancer.

From chronic back pain to a rare disease and depression, it had become nearly impossible for Melanie to walk, shower, and care for her children. But her first conversation with a Superior Care Manager changed everything.

As the only managed care organization for STAR Health – the Texas Medicaid program for kids in foster care – Superior provides coordinated care to meet the complex needs of each individual member.