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Just the Facts

As a statewide leader in managed care, Superior HealthPlan wants to make sure you know the facts about the important programs we offer. Click on the questions below to learn about the role managed care organizations (MCOs) have in providing healthcare to people in Texas.

With 1.7 million members, Superior puts members first. Here are just a few of their stories:

In 2008, Superior became the first managed care organization in the nation to provide statewide health care to children in foster care. This video shows how successful the program has become. 

Mitch has three wishes, all of which were dependent on the right wheelchair. This video highlights how Superior helped all three come true.

Julio does his best to help his children, but as a single father, he’s needed some help along the way. See what Superior has done to make an impact on his entire family.

Rob Casias’ commitment to family began with his mother. This video explores their relationship and how Superior has been there along the way.

Cori Melanson relies heavily on a Superior employee. In more ways than one, their relationship depends on words, but this story is best told through film.

Kate’s daughter has a rare skin condition, affecting her life in a major way. This video examines how far unwavering care and support can truly go.

To better serve children in foster care, Superior has identified centers of excellence. This video looks at one of these essential resources in Houston.