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RSV and Flu Causing Increased Hospitalizations Throughout Texas

Date: 11/10/22

With cases of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and the flu on the rise, hospitals are seeing an increase in visits relating to non-emergent respiratory symptoms. Specifically in pediatric hospitals. The Texas Hospital Association (THA) is urging Texans to visit primary care doctors if they are not experiencing emergent symptoms.

RSV and the flu cause cold symptoms like fever, runny nose, and other respiratory issues. You should visit your primary care doctor is you exhibit any of these mild RSV or flu-like symptoms. It is important not to seek emergent care unless you have severe symptoms.

The THA has a few tips to help with hospital overcrowding:

  • Don’t go to the emergency room for flu or RSV testing.
  • Contact your doctor with healthcare questions.
  • Get the flu vaccine.
  • Visit your primary care doctor if you have mild symptoms or need routine testing.
  • If you do have to visit a hospital emergency room, be patient. Wait times are longer due to overcrowding.

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