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Barrier Removal Fund (BRF) 2022 Initiative

Date: 12/01/21

Superior HealthPlan is partnering with the National Council on Independent Living (NCIL) to assist providers with removing barriers to accessibility at their practice, by creating the Barrier Removal Fund (BRF) program.

We are excited to inform you that the BRF program is in its second year in Texas, and is expanding to all service delivery areas for providers who serve Medicaid (STAR, STAR Health, STAR Kids, STAR+PLUS), CHIP, Wellcare By Allwell and Ambetter from Superior HealthPlan members.

The goal of this program is to increase the percentage of Superior providers who meet the minimum federal and state disability access standards. To help achieve this goal, providers are able to obtain grant funds through this program.

Superior is committed to providing equal access to quality health care and services that are physically and programmatically accessible for members with disabilities and their companions. Please note:

  • Physical access, also referred to as “architectural access,” refers to a person with a disability and their ability to access buildings, structures and the environment.
  • Programmatic access refers to a person with a disability and their ability to access goods, services, activities and equipment.

Online applications should be completed for consideration no later than February 28, 2022. To apply for the BRF fill out the online application found at  

For questions about the BRF program or RFP, please contact Tim Fuchs, NCIL’s Operations Director, at 1-844-778-7961.