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Provider Advisory Groups are a forum for Superior to gather valuable feedback from providers about processes and interactions with Superior departments. Superior asks providers about topics like member services, provider services, service coordination, prior authorization, billing and claims. In addition, Superior provides updates and education about provider resources. Meetings are set quarterly throughout the year. Contact your Account Manager for more information. 

NEW: Payment Policies
Updated Fax Numbers for LTSS Service Coordination
Therapy Prior Authorization Requirements

IMPORTANT: Support for Hurricane Victims
Billing Changes for Therapy
Improving Health through Quality Improvement
Update: Superior's Preferred DME Supplier
Join Now: ZIKA Care Connect

LTSS Prior Auth Code Change
3 Steps to Increase Quality Scores from Superior's Chief Medical Director
Utilization Review Prociess: What You Need to Know
Effective 9/1: Therapy Benefit Updates HHS
Required: Financial Management Service Agencies Training 

Use of Mobile Phones Prohibited for EVV Transactions
Disease Management: Reducing Costs and Improving Care
Deadline Extension: COE RFP
RSVP: CAAC Meeting
Attention: PAS and DAHS LTSS Providers

Deadly Drug Combination: The Houston Cocktail
Prescriber's Guide to Outpatient Pharmacy Prior Authorization
Geographical Access for Superior Members
New: Ambetter Provider
Reminder: YTBC Portal Integration Pilot

VDP Enrollement Requirement
Ambetter: Increased Reimbursement Rates
Pharmacy: What You Need to Know about Formularies, Peer-to-Peer Reviews and Appeals
8/4: RFP Deadline
Reminder: Required Attestation At-Home Therapy

Tips for Success from a Superior Center of Excellence
Required Trainings for Medicare and MMP Providers
Important Superior Medicare Advantage Change
Coming Soon: Appointment Availability Audit
EVV: Avoid Claim Denials

HHS Notice: STAR Kids Billing Matrix Updates
New Superior DME Supplier
Are Your Patients Eligible for Case Management?
Requirement: Taxonomy Codes
Integration: YTBC Portal

Dr. Crowe: 4 Must-Have Tips for Working with Superior
CHIP-Only Providers Must Enroll with TMHP by 12/31/17
4 Simple Steps to Educate Members on their Rights and Responsibilities
EVV: Required Info for Claims
New: Adobe Sign

Provider Tips | Success through Continuing Education
Pharmacy Claims Processing Transition
Credentialing: Provider Rights
5/22: Required Attestation for At-Home Therapy
6/1: New Provider Survey

Superior - YourTexasBenefitsCard Portal Integration Pilot
Don't Miss CAAC Meetings in May and June
Meeting the Needs of our Providers
Effective 5/1: Mosquito Repellent Benefit for Zika Prevention
RSV Season Has Ended

Effective 7/15: Updated Clinical and Payment Policies
New PDN Documentation Requirements
National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day is April 29
HHS NOTICE: YourTexasBenefitsCard Portal

Ambetter PCP Auto-Assignment
Are You Meeting CLAS Standards?
NF Provider Incentive Requirements
Provider Resources: Pharmacy Web Page

NEW: Join Superior’s Clinical and Administrative Advisory Committee
No PA Needed for Value-Based Therapy Providers
New Prenatal Vitamin Program
Claim Requirements: Delivery and Postpartum Services

Required: PSON for PAS, PCS and HAB Services
Effective 6/1: Claim Denials for Invalid Data
How Are Your Patients Rating You?
EVV Compliance
How To Guide: Pre-Auth

PROVIDER SPOTLIGHT: How St. Paul Children's Clinic Excels in Cultural Competency
HHS Update: Texas Medicaid Provider Re-Enrollment
Required Information for At-Home Therapy Requests
HHS Quick Course: LARC
Requirements: PA for Dialysis

NEW: 2017 Diabetic Meter Program
RESUBMIT: Clearininghouse Denials of CPT/HCPCS Claims
Foster Care Center of Excellence Awarded to STCPC
STAR Kids: Flexible Respite Care Hours

REQUIRED: Texas Health Steps Documentation
REQUIRED: Cost Report Trainings
Help Decrease Diabetes Rates
LTSS Providers: Avoid Claim Denails 
1/31 Clinical Edit: HEP C


DEADLINE 1/31: Ambetter Open Enrollment
Updated: Provider Trainings
Therapy Fee Schedule Reimbursement Rates
New Clinical Edits


Superior the Top-Rated Medicaid Plan in Texas
New STAR Kids Resources
2017 Ambetter Provider and Billing Manual Now Available
Update Your Info Today!
Provider Portal: NF Applied Income Now Displayed

Medical Director Spotlight: Dr. William Brendle Glomb, Partner with Us
It's National Influenza Vaccination Week!
Does your Office Meet Superior's Appointment Availability Access and Office Site Standards?
Effective Immediately: Zika Extension Notice
New: Medicaid Benefit

Superior Announces First Center of Excellence: South Texas Pediatric and Congenital Heart Center
Balance Billing Quick Reference Guides Now Available 
Practice Guidelines: Improving Member Experience
Announcment: Behavioral Health Services

NOP Incentive Program
Get Smart About Antibiotics
What Are You Telling Patients About Dehydration This Season? 
Training: STAR Kids LTSS Billing
Pre-Auth Tool: STAR+PLUS MMP

Superior Awards Grant to Easter Seals East Texas for New Initiative
New: Superior Medicare Advantage (HMO) Plan for Your Patients
Superior the Top-Rated Medicaid Plan in Texas
Prescribing Opiods: What You Need to Know
New: MMP Provider Manual

Be Prepared: Ambetter Open Enrollment
Flu: What You Need to Know
Help Protect Lives this October
Therapy Authorization Checklist
New: Pharmacy and Vision Provider Name

New Requirement: Personal Assistance Services (PAS) Claims
Superioir Joins State's New Integrity Initiative
Measuring Member Experience with CAHPS
CMS Required Trainings
TH Steps Courses Available

Provider Spotlight: Superior Awards Two Top Performing Providers Deadline Approaching: Avoid Medicaid Provider Disenrollment THSteps Checkup Documentation Essential to Medical Records Pharmacy Changes: Walmart Sports Physicals Reimbursement

Peer-to-Peer Review Process for Antipsychotics
Required: Prior Authorizations for Incontinence Supplies
Improving Quality Care through Utilization Management
Reminder: LARC Pharmacy Upddates
New: 2016 Practice Guidelines

Provider Spotlight: Dr. James A. Caplin, The Corpus Christi Allergy and Asthma Center
Important: Balance Billing Prohibited
Reduce Costs and Improve Care with Disease Management
Therapy: Reimbursement Policy & Fee Schedule
Update: Preferred Drug List

HHSC Survey for Home and Community-Based Services Due 7/29
New Medicare and Ambetter Payment and Clinical Policies
Geographical Access for Superior Members
Secure Portal Demographic Survey
New Clinical Edits

What Pharmacy Details Are You Missing?
Earn Incentives with Transition of Care Wellness Visits
CMS Direction on Balance Billing for Medicare and MMP Providers
Upcoming STAR Kids Information Sessions

Superior Honors Lubbock Children's Health Clinic
IMPORTANT: Did You Submit Your Re-Enrollment Application?
Therapy Fee Schedule Changes
Appointment Availability Audit

Updated Therapy Service Policy Effective 9/1
Access Patient Information through New Web Portal
Required CMS Trainings for Medicare and MMP
Update Your Demographic Information

A Win for Atascosa Health Center
Discharge Planning: What Providers Need to Know|
Making the Transition from Adolescent to Adult Care
What is Needed on an H2067 Form?

June Deadline Approaching: Required Re-enrollment
REVIEW: Influenza and Streptococcus Testing Reimbursement
How to Connect Patient to Case Management
Updated: EVV and CFC Trainings

Stonebridge Wins Community Champion for Children Award!
How to Prescribe Incontinence Supplies without PA
Member Rights and Responsibilities – What You Should Know
Action Requested: Take Superior’s Provider Survey

New Decimal Unit Values for EVV Billing
Nursing Facility Incentive Program Launching in 2016
Credentialing: You Have a Right to Know
Reminder: Texas Health Steps

Required Information for DAHS Authorizations
Texas Takes Aim at Zika Virus
Do You Have Class?
Clinical Edit: Duplicate Therapy

Become a STAR Kids Provider Today
PA Requirements for Non-Emergent Ambulance Transportation
New Texas Medicaid Benefits for 2016
Update 4/1:Pain Management Codes without PA

$20 Wellness Exam Rewards
Register Now: Provider Imaging Webinar
How are your Patients Rating You?
New Cost Edit on Compounded Medications

Health Alert: Zika Virus
2016 LARC Updates: What You Need to Know for Reimbursement and Prescriptions
Don’t Miss These Important Medicaid Provider Trainings
IMPORTANT REMINDER: Claims Requirements for ICD-10
Cough and Cold Clinical Edits

Congratulations to the Seton Hays Foundation!
HHSC Notice: Provider Re-enrollment Deadline Extension
Help Patients Manage Their Diabetes
Provider Trainings

Your Patient’s Open Enrollment Deadline for the Health Insurance Marketplace
FDA Drug Recall Alert on 12/3/15
Do You Have the Billing Requirements for Procedure Code J1725?
Walmart Pharmacy Reminder
Support for Dallas Patients Affected by Natural Disasters