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Texas Medicaid Renewal

Superior HealthPlan wants to help you get well and stay well. That’s why it’s important to know how and when you need to complete your Texas Medicaid renewal to ensure continued coverage. Below are some common questions about the renewal process and a list of resources that are available to help you get the care you need.

Texans receiving Medicaid or CHIP have to renew their benefits each year. This is called renewal or recertification. Superior wants to make sure that Texas Medicaid renewal is an easy process. There are two ways to make sure your benefits and services continue:

  1. Look for an envelope marked “time sensitive” from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC). It will include a letter. You will get this letter a few months before your benefits end. This is a signal that your Texas Medicaid renewal is upcoming. The letter will include a form that you will need to sign. You may also be asked to provide more information.
  2. Go to Your Texas Benefits. Here, you can find the Texas Medicaid renewal form and other information about renewing your benefits. Create an account if you don’t have one. It only takes a few minutes. From there, you can check the status of your Medicaid renewal and make sure all information is up to date. Confirm your account shows your most current address.
  3. If you or your child are eligible for Medicaid or CHIP, you can continue your Superior HealthPlan coverage. If you are no longer eligible for Medicaid or CHIP, you can explore Superior’s Marketplace (Ambetter from Superior HealthPlan) and Medicare (Allwell from Superior HealthPlan) options.

If you don’t take any action, you might lose your health insurance. That’s why it’s important for you to complete the Texas Medicaid renewal process each year.

If you do not complete the Medicaid renewal process and lose Medicaid or CHIP coverage but get it back again within six months, you could get your Medicaid services from the same health plan you had before. You could also have the same doctor. This is a risk that you will not face if you are able to complete and submit all Medicaid renewal documents prior to the deadline.

If you have any questions or need help with your Texas Medicaid renewal, call Member Services at the number on the back of your Superior member ID card. You can also call the Health and Human Services Commission at 2-1-1 (or 1-877-541-7905). If you are not receiving Medicaid or CHIP benefits and you want to apply, call 2-1-1.

There are many resources that can help you get the information you need. These include:

  1. Your Texas Benefits - Renew Medicaid or CHIP coverage, apply for benefits, print your Medicaid ID card or check the status of your application.
  2. 2-1-1 Texas - Find local and community resources for help with food, housing and health care.
  3. Texas Health and Human Services - Learn more about Medicaid programs in Texas.
  4. CHIP Medicaid - Find information about renewing Medicaid or CHIP benefits and enrollment fees.

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