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Start Smart for Your Baby® Program

Welcome to Start Smart for Your Baby®! After notifying Superior that you are pregnant and filling out our Notification of Pregnancy (NOP) form (PDF) you will be enrolled in Superior’s Start Smart for Your Baby program. If any additional information is required a care team member will reach out. Members can contact their care team directly by using Wellframe, a free mobile care app.

Start Smart for Your Baby® provides extra benefits and support for Superior members during and after your pregnancy, including:

  • Information about pregnancy and newborn care.
  • Community resources to help you get the things you need during your pregnancy and after your baby is born. This includes food, cribs, diapers, housing and clothing.
  • Breastfeeding support and resources.
  • Professional medical staff who work with you and your doctor and nurses if you have a more difficult pregnancy.
  • Resources if you are feeling down during or after your pregnancy.
  • Methods to help you quit smoking, alcohol or drugs.
  • Help choosing a doctor and hospital for your delivery.
  • Assistance keeping up with your prenatal appointments.
  • Transportation support to and from your doctor visits (where available).

Baby Showers | Car Seats | Diaper Bags* 
Superior wants you to have the best care possible. That’s why we offer Baby Showers at no cost. Led by a Start Smart care team member, these educational classes teach you how to care for yourself and your baby during your pregnancy. You can also learn about the many benefits available to you during pregnancy like dental exams and physicals. Plus you will learn about additional community resources to help during your pregnancy such as car seat safety and Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). WIC is a special supplemental nutrition program.

If you stay for an entire baby shower, or download a pregnancy program mobile app and engage for 30 days, you can get extra benefits** like:

A diaper bag and diapers when you complete the Notification of Pregnancy (NOP) form.


A convertible baby car seat when you complete the NOP form and go to one prenatal visit within your first trimester or 42 days of enrollment with Superior.


Schedule of Member Baby Showers
Call 1-844-823-5962 to RSVP. Seating is limited.

Rewards Program

Superior members who are pregnant can earn up to $100 in My Health Pays® rewards each year. The program offers financial, non-cash incentives that reward pregnant members for completing healthy activities related to their pregnancy and delivery. Members may receive:

  • $20 for prenatal visit within the first trimester or 42 days of enrollment with Superior.
  • $20 for 3rd prenatal visit.
  • $20 for 6th prenatal visit.
  • $20 for 9th prenatal visit.
  • $20 for postpartum visit within 7-84 days of delivery.


*Available for all STAR, CHIP and STAR Kids members. Available for STAR+PLUS members, excludes STAR+PLUS dual members, STAR+PLUS Nursing Facility Medicaid-only members and STAR+PLUS Nursing Facility dual members. Restrictions and limitations may apply.

**Value-added Services are extra health care services offered by Superior. Services may vary by area. Restrictions and limitations may apply. These services are valid through 8/31/22.